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Tile Joint Grout

Epoxy Based Tile Joint Grout AlgiEasygrout

Epoxy Based Tile Joint Grout AlgiEasygrout

Approx. Rs 600 / Kilogram

We are providing Epoxy Base Tile Joint Grout to our customers. Epoxy grouts are super durable, easy to clean, acid and alkali and dust and stain proof and comes in matt, gloss and glitters like gold , silver, copper and total of  70 plus shades. For usage mix resin, hardener and filler and apply in tile joints

Tile Joint Grout Algitile Grout

Tile Joint Grout Algitile Grout

Approx. Rs 55 / Kilogram

We offer Tile Joint Grout Algitile Grout i,e economical cement grout which eliminates cumbersome process and time needed in matching the colours and wastage of pigments at site.


Algigrout EPX

Algigrout EPX

General Description:

Algigrout EPX is a solvent free three component product based on epoxy resin which provides free flowing self leveling grout. Algigrout EPX provides maximum uniform bearing support to withstand & transfer static and dynamic loads.


Algigrout EPX is used for grouting in the following locations:
To hold down bolts & anchor bolts, machine beds

• Excellent adhesion with metal & concrete
• High strength to withstand static & dynamic loads
• Sets early & machine, can be operated with less down time
• Almost nil shrinkage while curing
• Good resistance to oil, fuels etc.,

Method Of Application:
SURFACE PREPARATION Concrete surface should be dean, sound and free from oil. Grease, dust & other contamination. Usually abrading with wire brush or sand blasting or etching with Algietch-100 (for concrete only) is recommended.

Mixing: Mix all the resin (part A) with hardner (part B). To this add aggregates (part C) and again mix well for 2 to 3 minutes using drill and paddle (maximum 600 Lp.m.)

Only material necessary for immediate use should be mixed. The mixed resin should stand for 3 to 4 minutes to let the entrapped air escape. The grout should be poured in about 2 inch deep layers & the previous layer should be surface cool before next layer is poured.

Tools & equipments used must be cleaned immediately with Algisolvent T after use as removal of cured resin is difficult. In case of flexible plastic tools, it is easier to dean the equipment after the resin has cured.

Health & Safety:

Care should be taken to avoid excessive contact of Algigrout EPX with the skin. Exposure of Adgigrout EPX to sunlight dining storage & after application should be minimized.

Algigrout NS 200

Algigrout NS 200


ALGIGROUT NS 200 is a ready to use premixed cementatious grout which on addition of water produces non shrink grout with slight expansion. It is free from chlorides and iron particles which can be used for faster and easier installation of static and vibrating machinery foundations.


• Easy to use
• Its non-shrink property ensures expansion that permanently compensates for plastic shrinkage.
• Good flow characteristics, cohesive & doesn't bleed
• High early and final strength
• Non-metallic or non-chloride content avoid chances of corrosion.

• In grouting for static and dynamic loads.
• In emergency repairs and early commissioning of machinery.
• In grouting foundations of turbines, sugar mills, steel rolling mills, textile, cement, paper plants, refineries etc.

Method Of Application :

Surface Preparation: All the concrete and steel surface to be grouted should be free from oil, laitance dirt, coating etc. For good bonding. wet the surface and make the form work leakproof.

Mixing & placement: Mix water and dry grout in proportion of 0.16 water powder ratio which can be placed in ten to fifteen minutes in a concrete mixer. In case the flow is not sufficient, use upto 0.18 water powder ratio. The mixed grout should be in pourable form during use Using grout that is stiff and not flowable can cause voids and cracks in the hardened grout. Do not mix the grout for more than 3 minutes. The form work should be made moist and should be in SSD condition. Place the grout immediately and form one end and compact. The grout has to be curednike concrete) for a minimum of 7 days and start curing immediately after the final set of grout [i.e.. usually 7 to 8 hours after placing grout)



Health & Safety:

Algitile Eazzy Grout

Algitile Eazzy Grout

Range Of Colours

Liquid Tile Joint Grout

Liquid Tile Joint Grout

Approx. Rs 75 / Kilogram

We are offering Liquid Tile Joint Grout

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