Tile Joint Grout

Algitile Aid Sp3

Product Details:
  • Types: Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain, Vitrified
  • Categories: Cementitious
  • Form: Powder
  • Application: Normal, Tile On Tile, Tile Fixing


  • Properties: Suitable for fixing tiles on floors and walls for interior as well as exterior of the building
  • Coverage: 4-5 sqft / kg
  • Application Method: Mix ALGITILE AID SP with water in 5:2 ratio by volume
  • Apply ALGITILE AID SP using notch trowel on the floor / wall
  • Also apply some quantity of ALGITILE AID SP on the back of the tile
  • Apply only small quantity of ALGITILE AID SP on the wall on which tiles can be placed within 3 to 5 minutes

Epoxy Based Tile Joint Grout

We are providing Epoxy Base Tile Joint Grout to our customers.

Tile Joint Grout

Product Details:
  • Types: Stone, Ceramic, Vitrified
  • Categories: Cementitious
  • Form: Powder
  • Application: Normal

We offer Tile Joint Grout which eliminates cumbersome process and time needed in matching the colours and wastage of pigments at site.


  • Accurate colour matching is possible.
  • Error of matching colour to that of grout immediately on addition of water is eliminated
  • Alkali stable and pure and high quality pigments are used
  • This reduces fading and batch to batch variation of colours.

Algitile Aid Flex Tile Fixing Adhesive


  • Properties: ALGITILEAID FLEX is a cementatious highly polymer modified tile fixing adhesive for extra high adhesion in fixing of vitrified tiles, granite and marble
  • It is suitable for tile on tile and for tiling on floors and walls for interior and exterior application
  • It is a ready mix of cement and special chemicals and is self curing and water proof
  • Application Areas: 3 parts of ALGITILEAID FLEX by volume has to be mixed with 1 part by volume of water
  • After initial mixing with water, wait for 5 minutes and then re-mix ALGITILEAID FLEX
  • Coverage: ALGITILEAID FLEX gives coverage of 3.0 to 4.0 Ft²/kg

Algitile AID-I/I2 Tile Adhesive

  • Properties: Suitable for fixing tiles on floors & walls for interior of the building
  • ALGITILE AID I has high adhesion and also provides additional waterproofing barrier
  • It is highly economical, saves labour time & cost.
  • Application Areas: For fixing ceramic, marble, mosaic tiles on floors & walls. Coverage: 4--4.5 Sq. ft./Kg
  • Application Method: Mix ALGITILE AID-I with water in 5:2 ratio by volume and spread over cleaned concrete surface with notch trowel (supplied along with the product)
  • Immediately fix tiles over it
  • Caution: Do not apply ALGITILE AID-I on painted/oily surface

Algitite Epoxy Adhesive


Properties: Thixotropic and hence suitable for vertical application. Sets quickly in 2 hours and hence reduces labour time. Very high adhesion and can bond different materials. It can be filed to remove additional left over material.

Application Areas: For fixing granite, plastic, metal, wood etc. Sets in 2 hours

Application Method: Mix ALGITITE resin and hardener in the ratio of 1:1 by volume. Keep it for 5 minutes and then apply on clean and dry surface that needs to be bonded.

Coverage: 25-30 Sq. ft./kg,

Algi Tile Grout SPR


  • Properties: ALGITILE JOINT GROUT SPR has good water repellent property with very high gloss & stain resistance
  • Its water absorption is 1-1.5% (with 7 days water curing.)
  • Compressive strength is greater than 250 kg/cm2

Algi Tile Grout - E


  • Properties: It is suitable for exterior wide joint grout
  • It has 24 Hrs.
  • Water absorption of 0.5-1.5% by weight (with 7 days curing)
  • 2 Compressive strength is more greater than 200kg / cm

Liquid Tile Joint Grout

We are offering Liquid Tile Joint Grout

  • Self curing
  • Waterproof
  • It can be used for paper thin joints in case of Vitrified tiles, Swimming pool tile joints, Marble, Granite and bathroom tilings
  • Coverage: 4 to 4.5m²/kg for tiles of size 150mm X 150 mm

Algitile Grout EPX

Product Details:
  • Chemical Composition: Epoxy
  • Origin: Synthetic
  • Material Compatibility: Concrete

Oother Details:

  • Properties: It is an acid, alkali, stain and germ growth resistant and waterproof joint grout
  • Water absorption of Joint grout is less than 0.1%
  • Compressive strength achieved in 2 days is 800kg/cm2
  • The grout has good gloss and very high visual appeal
  • Application Areas: For grouting ceramic, vitrified, marble and granite tile joints
  • Application methods: Tile joints should be dry
  • First mix resin & hardener to uniform consistency
  • Then add filler & mix well. Fill in the joints using putty blade
  • Polish the joint with scrubber to make it smooth
  • Suitable for light traffic after 2 days
  • Full cure: 7 days
  • Do not use for exterior tile joints
  • Coverage: 40 sqft / Kg for 15 cm x 15 cm tiles

Algi Tile Colorex SP

Properties: Additive added at the rate of 350ml per Kg of tile grout for both interior as well as exterior tile grout to get deep colour shade. It is basically recommended for bath room joints and exterior jointgrouts and where water proofing is of critical importance.
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