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Cementitious Anchors

Polyester Resin Based Anchor Grout Algianchorres

Polyester Resin Based Anchor Grout Algianchorres

Approx. Rs 400 / Kilogram


Algianchor Res is a solvent free two component anchor grout that provides maximum anchorage for extension of rods in building construction. It also provides very high early strength.

Application Method:

Mix well all the resin with powder (hardener) for 2 to 3 minutes manually or by using drill and paddle (maximum 600 R.P.M.). Quantity of powder can be reduced where higher flow is needed. Mixed resin should stand for 1 to 2 minutes to let the entrapped air escape.

Expanding Cementatious Anchor Grout

Expanding Cementatious Anchor Grout

Approx. Rs 50 / Number


It has expansion & thixotropic property & is supplied in plastic capsules. Hence it saves labour cost. Highly economical compared to resin capsules.

Application Method:

Dip ALGIANCHOR capsule in water for 2 to 4 minutes until it absorbs water and then immediately place it into the pre drilled bore (hole). Drive reinforcing rod through the capsule.

Algi Flex Guard

Algi Flex Guard

ALGI-FLEXGUARD Gives about 40-50 sq.ft. per Kg for double coat on a fairly smooth surface.

Algisuperplast 575

Algisuperplast 575

Genaeral Description:

ALGISUPEFIPLAST-575 is a powerful super plasticizer without much set retardation fat normal dosage range] that gives a slump retention of 1.5 Hours to 2.5 Hours at normal dosage and is recommended for hot weather concreting. It also allows for reduction in the free water content of the mix by 10-20% when concrete slump is not increased when compared to control.


ALGISUPERPLAST-575 can be used in the following areas:
• Readymit concrete.
• To produce high early and ultimate strength concrete.
• To increase workability in hot weather concreting.
• Concrete with marina aggregate and sulphate resistant cement.
• Pumped concrete.
• Concreting with 53 grade cement or when concrete has to be transported over long distance.
• Compatible with Fly ash. G.G.B.S. and Mice Fume based concrete additives.

Advantages :
ALGISUPERPLAST-575 gives the following benefits. when used in concrete mixes:
• Excellent slump retention for 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours.
• Improves slump retention and hence allows additional time for processing concrete.
• Enables rapid placement of concrete by reducing pumping pressure.
• Eases placing by improving work abilty
• Allows for reduction in water content by 10-16% without affecting workability-thereby increasing strength. durability and impermeability.
• Improves cohesive properties of concrete. reducing segregation and bleeding, thus aiding pumping of concrete.
• Saves cement, through economy in mix designs.
• Chloride free and hence safe in prestressd concrete.

Description :

ALGISUPERPLAST-575 is based an nanthalene sulphonates and specially formulated organic polymers. It comes as a dark brown coloured liquid.


ALGISUPERPLAST-575 can be used with all types of Portland cement, including sulphate resistant varieties. It should not be pre-mixed with other admixtures. These should be dispensed off separately


ALGISUPERPLAST-575 should be added to the concrete mix with the gauging water. It should not be added to dry cement.


ALGISUPERPLAST-575 should be added to the concrete mix at the ratio of 200-500 ml to 50 kg of cement. Field trials should be conducted to determine the optimum ratio. for which a dosage of 300 ml to 50 kg of cement is recommended as the initial trial dosage.

Caution:OVER DOSAGE Over dosage of ALGISUPERPLAST-575 in extreme cases can result in retardation of initial set and increased workability and air entrainment. Lab trials should be conducted for dosage of more than 300rn1/bag of cement.

Health And Safety: ALGISUPERPLAST-575 is non-toxic. Gloves should be worn while using the product and any accidental splashes in the eye or on the skin should be cleaned with continuous stream of water.

Dispensing :

For Site mixing. Algisuperplast-575 should be added in the last phase after pre-wetting the mix with BO% of the water to produce concrete. The measured quantity of Algisuperplest-575 should be added along with the gauging water in case of belching plants.
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