Paver Tile Hollow Block Admixtures and Glaze Coating

Algiplast Hb

Properties: ALGIPLAST HB gives, cement hollow blocks very good finish. It also reduces cracking & gives sharp edge to cement hollow blocks.

Application Method: Add ALGIPLAST HB to wet concrete mix after pre-diluting it with water. Dosage: 150 ml per 50Kg bag of cement

Dosage: 150ml per 50kg bag of cement.

Melamine Based Super Plasticizer For Concrete

ALGISUPERPLAST M when used in paver concrete mixes, provides high initial compressive strength within 5 to 7 days. This helps in reducing curing time. It saves cement through economy in mix design. It also increases durability and abrasion resistance of the paver surface, due to reduction in water content at constant workability.

Algitileglaze Skk1/skk2


  • Properties: Algitileglaze SKK1/SKK2 are solvented high glose coating for concrete paver tiles
  • As these are solvented all precaution to prevent fire hazard is a must
  • Coverage: 60-80 sqft per litre for 2 coasts

Algiplast Hb- 200


  • Properties: Improves finishing and reduces cracking of concrete hollow blocks
  • It also improves compressive strength of concrete
  • Application Method: Pre-dilute ALGIPLAST HB-200 in 3 to 4 litres of water and add to concrete mix
  • Dosage: 150 ml per 50 Kg bag of cement

Algiplast HB 300


  • Properties: Provides very high early & ultimate strength
  • Improves surface finish of hollow blocks
  • Application Method: Add ALGIPLAST HB--300 to wet concrete mix after pre diluting it with water
  • Dosage: 150 ml per 50Kg bag of cement



  • Properties: It is powerful plasticizer used for getting high i.e. 1 day strength, ultimate compressive strength and good apperance of hollow blocks
  • It reduces production cost by reducing breakages and curing time
  • Dosage: 100 to 200ml per 50Kg bag of cement

Algiplast-mta 1100 Plasticizer For Paver Tiles

Product Details:
  • Usage: Flooring


  • Properties: ALGIPLAST-MTA is a powerful accelerator for interlock, pavor blocks and cement hollow blocks to increase the early compressive strength as well as flexural strength
  • It can be used with all kinds of cements
  • Dosage: Algiplast-MTA should be added to the concrete mix at the ratio of 200 ML to 400 ML to 50 kg cement
  • Field trials should be conducted to determine the optimum ratio, for which a dosage of 300 ML per 50 Kg of cement is recommended on the initial trial dosage
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