Concrete Shotcrete Accelerators

Extra Quick Setting Admixture

Extra Quick Setting Admixture is used for sealing severe water infiltration in case of dams, harbours, basements. Compressive strength is 120 Kg/cm2 for 2 hours and 140 Kg/cm2 for 2 days.

Application Method:

Add ALGIPLAST RAPIDSET to cement in the ratio of 1:3.5 by volume and knead it into a dough and hold it in the hand until it is warm. Hold this into the crack till it sets.



26 Litre per bag of cement.

Fast Setting Liquid Cement Additive

Fast Setting Liquid Cement Additive for waterproofing repairs.Fast Setting Liquid Cement Additive is a liquid formulation of carefully selected additives which on mixing with cement makes cement set within a few minutes. It is suitable for stopping leakages in basement and underground repairs and applications which require quick setting and high early strength where the stoppage should be permanent.

Other Details:

  • 1 Ltr. of Algiplast Rapidset SP mixed
  • 3 kg cement covers 0.15 m²
  • 1.75Ft² at a depth of 10 mm

Water Proofing Shotcrete Liquid Admixture

Water Proofing Shotcrete Liquid Admixture is a chloride and alkali free ready to use accelerating and waterproofing agent in liquid form for addition to wet gunite mixes, and is suitable for all sprayed concrete and wet shooting-coat operations.


  • 3 to 12% by weight of cement.
  • Initial trial dosage of 6% is suggested.
  • If the dosage exceeds 9% reduced final strength should be expected.

Non Shrink Fast Setting Cementitious Compound

Non Shrink Fast Setting Cementatious Compound is a modified cement formulation of carefully selected additives that set in 5-6 minutes and gives ultimate strength of more than 80 kg/cm². It is suitable for stopping leakages in concrete and masonry surfaces. It is easy and ready to use and requires only the addition of water. In case where higher ultimate strength of around 300 kg/cm² is required, use Algirapidcem -GP.


Mix 200 ml water per kg of Algirapidcem-GP. This will cover 0.04 m² at a depth of 10 mm.

Extra Quick Setting Compound

We provide best Extra Quick Setting Compound to our customers.


Does not corrode steel and is easy to use.



  • For repairing cracks in cement pipes
  • Floor
  • Concrete doors, windows
  • Concrete pipes


Application Method:

Add ALGIRAPIDCEM to water in the ratio of 5:1 by volume & knead it into a dough. Hold it in hand till it is warm and then place in the cracks.



0.45sq. ft/ kg for 12mm thickness.

Non Alkaline Powder For Dry Shotcreting

Non Alkaline Powder For Dry Shotcreting Reduces concrete rebound loss. Imparts very fast setting property for dry shotcreting and gunite concrete mixes. Useful for concrete tunnel lining and for shotcreting in water proofing repairs.


  • Application Method: Dry mix ALGISUPERSET P powder with cement, sand, jelly
  • This mix should be shot using compressor after adding water at the last minute
  • Dosage: 4.5 Kg (3 to 6 Kg) per 50 Kg bag of cement
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