Anti Corrosive Treatment

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer

Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer based on zinc and epoxy resins to be used as an anti corrosive primer. It is ideal for metal surface as base coat. It finds application in industrial structures, radial gates, irrigation projects etc.


Application Method:

Mix resin and hardener in the ratio of 1:1 by volume & apply coat on dry and clean metallic surface. It takes 24 hours for curing.



It gives a coverage 65sqft/ Kg. on metallic surface.

Epoxy Coaltar Based Solvent

Epoxy Coaltar Based Solvent is a two component anticorrosive coating with excellent U.V. stability that is based on epoxy resin, coal tar, solvents and fillers. It can be applied on most of the surfaces to give a highly economical and excellent anticorrosive coating with long service life. It can be used as anticorrosive coating for sewer lines, ETP Tanks, Chemical Plants, steel radial gates and penstock pipes in dams, concrete and MS structures of bridges, ships, oil jetties, ports and pipe coatings and structure of saline atmosphere..



50 -60 ft /ltr. for 2 coats.

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